Helping clients for over 25 years find solutions to their issues, Lesley will help you to create goals for yourself and provide you with the tools and strategies you need to attain them. Whether it be to develop better self-esteem, communication skills or relationships, Lesley is there for you.

Lesley uses a variety of different therapeutic interventions. She has training and knowledge in the areas of solution-oriented therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as the ability to apply a number of different approaches to individualize your therapy experience.

Lesley firmly believes that you have the right to design the type of therapy that suits you best – from single-session consultations to multi-session interventions, Lesley will be able to give you positive results!

Committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion, Lesley offers support to clients with individual, social, cultural and political differences. She aims to create equal opportunity for all and eliminate barriers to mental health services.

Located in midtown Toronto, Lesley offers flexible appointment times – including evenings and weekends.

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